89151 - The castle of souls

N. Lygeros

All the people think
that the church is the house of souls
but who cares
what the castle of souls is?
This question is essential
when you know
that history is the strategy of the past
and that strategy is the history of the future.
It looks strange.
Reloaded matrix.
New data.
Nothing is obvious.
That’s why you need to know the legend.
The castle of souls is the knight without armor.
Every word is clear
but their combination is rare.
This is the notion of complementary entities.
It’s a new way to understand the monadology.
There is no relation with any romance.
It’s a question of light and essence.
And the framework is harmony.
That’s why there is no place for anxiety.
The whole thing is about contribution
to the evolution of Mankind.