89152 - The work of light

N. Lygeros

You know what a firework is
but there is an essential difficulty
to understand what the work of light consists of.
Skyscrapers aren’t only big houses.
They are much more than that
and there is a difference from the beginning
as you can see it with their foundations.
Take your time to think about that
if you really want to avoid to waste it.
Think fast, move slowly.
You need everything, you want everything
but are you able to give anything.
Stop thinking about the extensions
you need to redefine your core.
The soul isn’t a useless toy.
Remove your dreams,
to discover the vision.
Stop your obsession,
to ignite your passion.
There is no comparison.
Don’t follow
what you don’t dare to touch.
Stay away from light and essence
if you want to be safe.