89153 - The strange brainpower

N. Lygeros

No compromise is possible.
The kind of brainpower is certainly strange for you.
The rare reality is always strange for the others.
And this is a proof that you belong to them.
Don’t abuse yourself
if you aren’t able to do much more.
Your projections are your boundaries.
Your speculations are the limits of your world.
But reality is bigger than your imagination.
The creation of light and essence isn’t due
to any society.
Societies don’t belong to Humanity.
And Mankind doesn’t belong to them.
Singularities and relations are its structure.
If you can’t believe to the Prophets.
If you can’t follow the Saints.
How do you want to walk upon the sea
of light and essence.
The place doesn’t change your nature.
So don’t try to find any justification
and there are no apologies
which can be accepted.
We are free
and we don’t care about your dark side.
We are only light and essence.