89154 - Beyond the sound

N. Lygeros

Your world is full of sounds.
But many of them are simply noise.
That’s why it’s so difficult for you
to imagine the world of the notes.
Music is a way to follow the paths of it.
This is the explanation of the question:
why instruments are so important.
Beyond the sound, you have the key.
And the key opens everything
if you can have it
but if you don’t valorize it
it remains useless.
Because a key is a tool
and not the end of the process.
The key is a liberation
but not a freedom.
It’s complementary but not harmonious.
The access to the world isn’t the world itself.
And if you consider it as a toy
you will stay at the level of a child.
A toy is the terminus.
A tool is a way of thinking.
A key is only the ignition,
the rest is light and essence.
That’s why the castle of souls is so precious.