89161 - The complementary world

N. Lygeros

You need to understand
that very few things are obvious.
So you have to observe the world
in a complementary way.
You belong to this world
even if it isn’t obvious for you.
The world doesn’t stop at your level.
They are many connections with the others…
The world of the neuron is the brain
and not itself.
That’s why the neural network is so important for it.
Don’t make the mistake
to consider that you are in a desert.
See the complementary world.
And even better, discover it
with your daredevil actions.
In this way you will open your horizon
which doesn’t end at your skin.
Feel the complementary world
and you will realize that harmony exists.
It isn’t only a cerebral abstraction.
Its reality is like a castle of light.
Then you will be able
to taste its essence.