89162 - The secret essence

N. Lygeros

If you can taste the secret essence,
do it and your world will change.
It’s not only a question of point of view.
This is a key point for your life
which will be never the same
after this first contact
because it’s related to the deep link.
This one belongs to the neural network of Mankind.
Even if it’s invisible for almost all the people,
it’s the foundation for the polycyclic hyperstructure.
It’s like lateral thinking.
If you don’t have a direct access,
you can use this way
to make the contact
which changes everything.
Dare it
and you will have access
to the reality of the step function.
If you can resist to its impact,
then the ignition will start.
And the bifurcations will do their job.
After this transfiguration,
you will have to make your decision
and choose to walk on the path of light.