89163 - No compromise

N. Lygeros

Remember that there is no compromise.
Everything is possible if you follow
the path of light
even in the darkest night.
But stop your compromise.
It’s not a rule or a law
but a duty.
When you see the door, find the key.
When you have the key, use it.
Don’t keep it in a safe place.
Dare to use it.
This will be a new opening for you.
The world isn’t closed by itself.
This fact is due to you and only to you.
That’s why you have to decide to open it.
It’s a deeper way to change
your own structure
in order to be compatible with the hyperstructure.
Your birth is not sufficient
to change your world.
It’s only a potential gift.
This gift has to be used.
Then you will have
a gifted soul.