89164 - The gifted souls

N. Lygeros

You consider that all the souls are the same.
But they aren’t the only ones.
Something has to be different.
And this difference makes the difference.
A gifted person looks like a normal person
but the opposite is impossible.
Think about that
and consider in a new way your position
about the souls.
This is a way to understand the depth of the light.
After all, all the bosons aren’t the same
even if they are all bosons.
The light can be graduated.
And don’t forget the role of energy.
Don’t bother yourself with analogies
but use them to open
the closed doors of your mind.
Would you be able
to recognize a gifted soul?
If not, try to understand this fact.
Find a way to change this data
in order to transform
your capacities
to be even more human.