89181 - Outside the confined world

N. Lygeros

The world isn’t an extrapolation of your projections.
Outside the confined world, everything is huge.
You can’t talk only about the small worlds
of each person because you know now
many things about the existence
of the gifted souls.
The first contact is always an impact
but it’s difficult to understand
how deep it is.
You need the relation for the starting point.
But for the flashpoint, the link is necessary.
Because the view of the light
and the taste of the essence
change everything.
If you stay at the level of the body
or even the mind,
you will not liberate your soul.
And it’s always hard to imagine the new world without faith.
Because it’s a blend of light and essence.
With Time is possible to evolve
and to discover the reality of the truth
and its beauty.