89183 - The evolved faith

N. Lygeros

Don’t think that faith is only a fact
It’s also an evolution.
That’s why there is a relation with Time.
Even the souls need time
to realize the power of love.
The link with light and source
works in a catalytic way.
They aren’t part of the reaction
but they are necessary to the evolution.
Don’t worry,
it’s not a question of passive or active position.
Everything is possible with faith.
After all even perfection can evolve.
Because it’s not a terminal step i.e. a terminus.
But the flashpoint is an irreversible transformation.
This is a metamorphose.
You can imagine the gifted souls
with this point of view.
Step by step, they discover
the deep love
which is incomparable
like a singularity in space-time
like a strange attractor in dynamics.