89231 - Rimland versus Heartland

N. Lygeros

When you consider that the most important part of yourself is the Heartland, you are talking about your body but your soul is the Rimland of your mind.
If the core of yourself is only your body,
you will never have any link
with the others.
Your human fringe is your soul
and it’s made to live
with relations and links.
It’s certainly not obvious for you
and almost all the people
but it’s a fact for gifted souls.
So try to change your mind
to find another position
in Humanity.
You don’t need to be an asshole
in order to win any battle.
By the way, it isn’t efficient
even if it looks easy.
Think to the theory of Rimland
if you really want to evolve
as a human being
who wants to live in Humanity.