89269 - The flowers and the trees

N. Lygeros

You have to determine your role
and not only to choose it.
You can be a flower or a tree.
But don’t try to be a tree if you are a flower.
And it’s the same for the other side.
Nature needs both of them.
But nobody needs a projection and a fake task.
It’s not only a question of mice and men
but also of flowers and trees.
Imagine that you are in a forest
and that you are a part of it.
You don’t need to be everything.
Be yourself and valorize it.
You know your positive and negative points.
They aren’t just lists.
You have to combine them
in a efficient way
and not only as a mixture.
You have to find a blend or an alloy
and for that you need the mastering of nature.
Then you will be open to advice
and you will have the opportunity
to realize them
in order to achieve your tasks
as a flower or a tree.