89350 - The wounded harmony

N. Lygeros

The wounded harmony is a reality
as the broken beauty is.
It’s simple to imagine a destroyed statue
or a painting for example
but it’s harder to conceive wounded harmony
because it looks more conceptual.
Even the abstraction can be wounded.
Consider a zen garden.
Everything is simple, everything is pure
and you can feel a kind of harmony
even if you aren’t a monk.
So, every detail which can be a lack of harmony
will be something crucial.
And it will have an impact on the whole place.
It’s not a question of starting point.
It’s not something related to the initial position.
It’s a problem which appears
in the steps of the procedure.
And this is sufficient to break the beauty,
to wound the harmony.
If you can’t see this
or it’s not important for you, it means
that you aren’t in the good framework.