916 - The wisdom of intelligence

N. Lygeros

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The question whether the few, small groups, here and now can change their environment, redeeming every human at last, from the manic need of it’s lust, can be integrated into a broader framework which is the action of a few. In other words, who creates the evolution of humans?

On the one side there is the system and the maze and on the other, idiomorphies.
The first create the continuity, the flow, which are also based on functionality and inertia. The second, the changes in their radical notion. Both are important for the overall development without that meaning that they have the same role. Because we have the actors and the directors.

Prometheus is an archetype of genius therefore belongs to the idiomorphies, which are capable of changing the world. While Zeus symbolizes the system. And there is not essentially a difference of spirit but of being. Because Zeus represents eternity, whereas the ontology of Prometheus is his theology. And it’s not a battle of wisdom against intelligence, but that of the system and the idiomorphy.

The paradox derives from the coexistence of the ephemeral and the eternal, at the space of the being and the project. The symbol of Prometheus as Titan before his decisive meeting with the Centaur in regards to the question of immortality, it’s that of the ephemeral which creates eternity. As a being, Prometheus lives within a past space, while it takes it’s true dimension through time as a project.

Those aside, the dominant role is played always by the system, even if the role of the idiomorphic is the only one that is really important. In other words, even if the maze follows the system , in actual fact it’s the few who act for the many. So the issue is not whether the few can actually modify their environment as this is a matter of definition. The few, exist only for that reason. It is their work that justifies their existence. with this we can conceive the few, as the next humans,in the notion that intelligence is a trapped future inside the past. And their wisdom derives from this knowledge.

The actions of idiomorphies however, have also the need of coordination ,through the existence of a network that allows and ensures the transmission of information that remains unknown or that is not utilized by others.
Because an isolated action, even if it is necessary, it is very difficult and rarely effective because of the inertia of the maze and function of the system.
The networking of idiomorphies is therefore a challenge for all of humanity.