9442 - Don’t you want the EEZ?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

-Don’t you want the EEZ?
-Of course I do!
-Then what are you waiting for?
-But is that me who will do it?
-Indirectly, Yes!
-What are you trying to say;
-You do vote, Isn’t it right?
-Of course, Especially now!
-Ok. Therefore you know what you have to do now!
-To do what;
-To vote EEZ.
-Correct. I should take a look at the programs.
-This is the best you could do to be sure.
-And If I don’t find anything?
-Then you leave it in the past.
-You are right, we need future now.
-The EEZ is the future of our homeland.
-And If there is no reference to it, there’s no future.
-That’s how everyone can contribute to the fight.
-And in a practical way at that.
-Every vote is a step towards the EEZ.
-I had never thought of it so practically.
-Things are simple therefore.
-EEZ or nothing!
-We have no alternative now.
-I’ll tell my own about it.
-Even better !