9502 - Who really wants the EEZ?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Each voter must answer the question that comes naturally: Who really wants the EEZ?
Only in this manner he will be able to contribute by helping the battle for the Exclusive Economic Zone.
Because some are talking about the EEZ, merely because they can see that the Greek nation wants it.
Whereas they are only thinking of their career, either as a member of parliament, as a journalist, or as political party henchman.
In any case they will not give any battle whatsoever, and of course they will be among the first to abandon the battlefield, if things become more difficult.
The EEZ requires real fighters, otherwise it will not be able to prevail, due to the economic interests of a few, who prefer the misery of Greece, instead of its growth.
Because, as Antonis Foskolos says quite clearly, the establishment of the EEZ, also means the hydrocarbon utilization beneath Crete, ie, cheap natural gas, cheap kW/hour, cheap energean raw material sources.
These thoughts are not incidental, and they are in actual fact supporting the implementation of the EEZ for the benefit of our homeland.
With the EEZ we can quickly understand who are the real so called patriots. Because you need guts to do it, and not just words.
Quite simply, the scientific basis can no longer function as a pretext of the inadequacy, the inertia, and the inaction, as we now are well aware of the issue at the level of mathematics, physics, seismology, geology and chemistry.
Consequently, everything now is at the political level.
Additionally, we know that many politicians are fully aware of the EEZ issue, so there’s no excuse.
Each one of them must take responsibility if they really want to, efficiently and effectively help the Greek nation.
Otherwise they are merely full of words, whereas we need actions for the EEZ.
Let’s therefore carefully examine, which politicians actually promote the EEZ issue, so as to finally know who in actual fact wants to produce a task, and not to simply make promises, whereas, their only concern is simply to win the elections.
Because the EEZ issue will not disappear right after the elections.
On the contrary it’s then, when it will obtain all its power, in order to support Greece in the difficult days that she will go through, because of financial pressures she will be a recipient of.
We need strategy of a national range, and not neighbourhood type gossips, in order to conclusively change things.