9746 - The infinity and the void

V. Evangeliou, N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias and Theodoros Tsiamitas

The one is up on stage and the other below it, he has cought both the seats with his arms and legs.

-We are ready to enjoy you. Says the other.
-Who? Says the one.
-Just us! Who else?
And a sudden and loud applause begins, from the one for the other.
-Very good introduction to our subject: the human and nihility.
-So, make a small improvisation about the subject.
He sits in his seat again, but with the director’s look on his face, the highbrow one of course.
-Ladies and Gentlemen, you who aren’t here! He says it with the style of a host of a circus. WELCOME!
-Thank you! Here’s your loneliness!
He looks wondering, who among those who didn’t come, replied to him. He points out somewhere.
-You there, the absolute nothing! The standing zero. Find another standing zero and come to lay down with us..Get lost now!
-But the man is having a conversation with zero? What a man! And what a zero!
-I did it because the goal is to have a conversation with infinity!
-How long has it been since you’ve last done mathematics?
-As long as I haven’t done any cycling! Since I was little. Is it obvious?
-Then let’s nullify this chronic period and lets talk about infinity. Do you know that there are infinities within a multitude of infinities?
-Meaning that there are no endings, which exist within a multitude of endings which don’t exist either?
-No, I’m talking about the beautiful discovery of Cantor!
-Hm! I understand. If you discover any logic within my improvisational interpetation, you will rate me with the first number?
-It will only show if you’re closer to the zero or to one of the infinities.
He comes down from the stage and hugs him.
– Where am I closer to now?
-To me! Who ain’t by the way, either the one nor the other. Opposite the zero, you didn’t go towards infinity, but towards the other human who is in the same position as you. The symbolic move is through its humanism, the activation of Humanity!
-Has the activation time come at last?
-Yes, at last, but why are you taking so long to show us that you are human?
-Because humanism is like the good wine. The more it’s delayed, the more substance remains on the lips of Humanity. You didn’t tell me though. How did you find the improvisation?
-It fits in a glass.
-But what’s the substance the glass is made from?
-Do you know in how many ways you can empty an empty glass?
-With a few. I would pick the first one. The thirst-quenching!
-No, there’s only one way. Because no matter what other way you may think of, even with infinate in multitude ideas, it will always be isomorphic with the one and only: to do nothing.
You see, in this manner, the one combines the infinate with the void through the uniqueness of our thinking. Cheers to you my friend, with your improvisations!
-Hm! This one and only way is what devastated the persons of society.
Inertia. They do nothing in order to be emptied from nothing. Cheers to you Human friend, with your numbers..
And they clink making a toast, left hand with right.