Christ is Risen

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

It is in fact amazing how faith finds the right words at the appropriate times, and how much metachara, the joy of the people who believe offer us, when the others no longer believe in anything whatsoever.
It is for this reason that we continue to fight for our faith, with our faith, as we are able to observe the value of the miracle, even down to our level.
Therefore, while there is absolutely nothing occurring in the doctrinal field, we continue to follow the bright path of faith even though the darkness of society, as we believe in Him who was sacrificed for us without anything in exchange.
Consequently, we cry out His message in an even brighter manner through the night.
And with all the ordeals our co patriots live through, we feel a responsibility to function as lighthouses for those who are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, in order for them to understand that it is through our actions, when we love thy neighbours, that we actively participate in what we believe.
We don't pray for ourselves, but for the others, because only then we follow the spirit of Christ.
And through our words we confirm the result of the action.
Therefore, we consciously announce that the miracle has in fact occurred, even if it remains unbelievable to most.
Consequently, with our response, "He wasTruly Risen" we don't merely say something for traditions sake, but because we want to confirm the unthinkable, and to ascertain the truth of the return, and the creation of a branching for the sake of Humanity.

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