17718 - Dialogue of exoterism

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Disciple: Christ introduced Exoterism, in a sense, that the sacred, ceased being secret.
Master: Also that, the teaching was no longer necessary into a holy place, but on the contrary, everywhere where there was a need.
Disciple: And therefore, that the act of love needs to be displayed everywhere where there is a need.
Master: Yes, where it is necessary, and because it shows a path that no longer has prohibitions and dead-ends solely.
Disciple: The one way street of love, which is full of freedom: “Love and do what you will”.
Master: Because when you love, whatever you do, is good!
Disciple: Without waiting for anything in return. You have said once, that love asks for reciprocity, even though it does not say it, while non-hatred expects nothing.
Master: It expects nothing, because it does everything for Humanity.
Disciple: It’s therefore by nature an offering without limits.
Master: Because the only thing that matters is to give, in order to leave a legacy to continue.
Disciple: So, non-hatred ….. a polycyclicity leverage?
Master: It works through it, in order for its human dynamics to exist.
Disciple: To exist and to be liberated?
Master: To live the continuity beyond limits.
Disciple: Even the unthinkable ones?
Master: Unthinkable for the Disciples, not for the masters.
Disciple: And when the Disciple reaches the maximum of his/her limits, as per the Master. What then?
Master: Mental shock and phase change.
Disciple: So, (s)he continues evermore,without interruption.
Master: As a fighter!