19426 - The President of Cyprus and the Genocide of the Armenians

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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The President of Cyprus followed with consistency the decision of Cyprus for the Recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians. He didn’t try to use a diplomatic language to express himself on the issue. He spoke in a clear manner about the specific solidarity for the Armenian people. Besides how else could it be when the Armenians are one of the five communities of Cyprus. He indeed made reference to the Armenian refugees that left from Cilicia due to the Genocide and came to find shelter in Cyprus one hundred years ago. He clarifies that they had suffered hate and pestilence. Consequently, he said that it is normal for Armenia and Cyprus to be two united countries, two peoples to accuse the perpetrators of the Genocide. Actually he reminded that Cyprus is Europe’s first country that recognized the Genocide of the Armenians. The first country was Uruguay in 1965 and the second was Cyprus in 1982. Another significant element is the use of the expression «urbi et orbi» to declare the fact that it must become known everywhere that a crime cannot remain without punishment since there is the justice of the humans that works as an implementation of the consciousness of Humanity. He indicated also that the future is obvious from the actions of the survivors of the Genocide since they demonstrate a concrete paradigm of a struggle. It is interesting here to notice that Cyprus has occupied territories, missing people, enclaved and refugees that have been caused by the same perpetrator of the Genocide.