21934 - From Cyprus to Crete

E. Conophagos, N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When we examine the situations at a geological and an energean level in both Cyprus and Crete, we observe significant proportions which should be also utilized at a regional level, since the overall context is delayed in taking effective decisions.For example, the new contract signed by Cyprus, which we’ve analyzed in our previous article, may well serve as a role model.In actual fact this may occur even before the end of the first concession round in the Greek EEZ, since it regards areas which don’t belong to to twenty marine plots, which have already been issued. Simultaneously, these new data can function complementary to those we already obtain through the PGS company, in regards to the nine marine plots of the area, but also with the ones to follow, so that we could get a more dense grid. It’s obvious that in any case the region should be promoted, because it has a value even globally.Even though some “competent ones” still don’t understand, as they function strictly dogmatically, that doesn’t mean that we should further delay the matter without moving on. Therefore, we continue relentlessly on our awareness battle, so that every Greek will become aware of what will occur, and what the causes are of that unacceptable delay.Because, while Greece suffers and our own are out seeking mediocrity measures in order to meet the economic requirements, they don’t even contemplate what the Greek EEZ offers to our homeland and especially due to the Ionian Sea and Crete.Whereas, a specific strategy must be developed for Crete alone.