21976 - When you don’t know about the genocide

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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When you don’t know anything about the concept of genocide, it is not necessary for you to perform as the expert. When you say that the genocide of Pontians is not genocide not only are you being unconstitutional, when Greece has officially recognized it since 1994 but you also prove that either you are not informed on all the recognitions which have been implemented by foreign countries either you are purposely all-for the genocide denial and then by the law of penalization you can be accused and be convicted. When Lemkin coined the word genocide, which was accepted by the United Nations with the Charter of 1948, he used as an explanatory example the cases of the Pontians and the Armenians. Namely the concept of genocide in the most scientific approach was based on the example of genocide of the Pontians. In 2006 the European Parliament recognized it as a crime against Humanity along with the example of the Assyrian-Chaldeans and the Armenians. The genocide of the Greeks of Pontus has been recognized by Cyprus, Sweden and Armenia as countries but also by states of America and of Australia. Don’t all these foreigners know what scientific knowledge and approach mean? Have all of them been manipulated by Pontians? So to be serious, because there have also been scientific conferences in fact even on an international level and thereon the legislation for recognition and penalization has been adopted, it is merely unacceptable to have to listen to a political persona of Greece to doubt the self explanatory for the Greek circumstances. And these statements account for hubris against all the victims of the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus.