26292 - Around the table

N. Lygeros

J: They don’t see what I mean.
N: They see only what they get.
J: Too few.
N: Nothing more.
J: The movie is not the life.
N: The life is not a movie.
J: But we have to fight for the Truth.
N: This is our light.
J: In the darkness.
N: Like the stars in the night.
J: They don’t see the Knight.
N: Just a piece of wood.
J: It’s not only chess.
N: It’s more than our life.
J: How they could understand…
N: With the sacrifice.
J: And if it is not enough?
N: With the heroes…
J: Of the past?
N: And the future…
J: Like the Masters…
N: Of Mankind.