49430 - Deep consequences

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Luc: You must say more about what happened after ne century. John: Why do you think that it is so important? Luc: Because those who combine the Black Plague with the Sack of Constantinople, are rare. John: Because Chronostrategy is required. Luc: Yes of course even this…Time. But they analyze it differently, they don’t examine facts in such a depth in time. John: It is wrong staying limited to the same era. Luc: Also they see only the religious part. John: And they don’t see the entire image. Luc: Neither the chessboard… John: And what do you want me to do? Luc: To write at last, in a clear way, how the Black Plague was the final hit that Europe received before the Fall. John: And who will believe it if they haven’t seen it? Time Luc: Those who know that the fall was delayed for two and a half centuries. John: Yes them maybe. Silence Luc: Then let’s write for them… John: Then it maybe indeed makes sense. Luc: It will also be a justification for Salvatore…Silence John: I was thinking of Paul. Luc: I think he also will enjoy it. John: Because there was delay, the barbarity of the pandemic became obvious. Luc: We shouldn’t forget it. John: It weakened the force of the Empire…And of the allies.