49431 - The beauty of counterattack

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

Vasiliki: Say something!

Evangeline: Say what?

Vasiliki: The continuity.

Evangeline: Which continuity are you talking about?

Vasiliki: What happened two centuries later? 

Evangeline: What do you mean exactly? About the siege of Malta in 1565, about the siege of Famagusta of 1570 or about the battle of Lepanto in 1571?

Vasiliki: About the latter !

Evangeline: And for what reason?

Vasiliki: Because it was a great victory!

Evangeline: For whom? It what sense?

Vasiliki: For Europe ! Time. After the Black plague of 1347-1352, after the Fall of Constantinople, at last came the time of victory.

Evangeline: But with how many sacrifices?

Vasiliki: And for how many years?

Evangeline: You are right, barbarity stopped at the sea, in all of the Mediterranean.

Vasiliki: We had to wait another century to live the siege of Candia from 1648 to 1669.

Evangeline: But don’t forget the failure of the second siege of Vienna in 1683.

Vasiliki: That is where everything changed.

Evangeline: And the partition of barbarity began.

Vasiliki: Only then did it appear that we had definitely overcome the consequences of the black plague.

Evangeline: This way we managed to confront even the red barbarity which was trespassing South Eastern Europe.