74144 - The tongue of fire

Ν. Lygeros

When you saw the survivor in the European University you knew that he was ready for this mental battle. But even with that data in your mind, it was impossible for you to imagine the game. The Master was alone and he was forced to use his tongue of fire to explain each point to each question. The public was a real melting pot of so many different positions that it was totally impressible for you. So you were impressed at how the tongue of fire burned their bad thoughts, to show them the memory of future and the path of the light. Sooner or later everybody followed him in the strange attractor of his deep mind. He turned on the light of history and strategy to go beyond economy and politics. At the end you understood that his tongue of fire was in their brains because they were occupied. He was like a tower of freedom inside a blind chessboard for the majority. He was alone yes, but with Mankind. No society was important. And it was the same for all the believers.