75019 - The first day

N. Lygeros

For the Disciple it was the first day of his history. He was like an American citizen in his country after the first step of the Revolution. He felt in him the power of the history. Before it was invisible for him but with the Master’s lesson, the duduk has begun to write words, sentences with the light of its sound. It was not only music but also pieces of life. His soul felt it. Afterward he thought that it was normal because the Master was in fact a soulguard. His protection was a way to show the path of the light and for him the choice was the duduk. Its spirit was compatible with the Master’s mentation because it was able to live more than one thousand years. With the duduk the taste of chronostrategy was now for ever in his mind. That was the point of the Master.
This was the first day.