75040 - Never too late

N. Lygeros

Don’t rush to do something.
Human relations need time.
But don’t be too slow.
And never too late.
Remember tsumegos
and how stones live.
Without protection, they will be killed.
That’s why you need
to avoid spending too much time
for the same part of the goban.
Keep in mind the big picture.
Grand strategy is always essential.
Strategy is often useful.
Tactics is rarely meaningful.
Imagine, compete but don’t count.
Because if you count
you will never catch the level of links.
And even with joy,
harmony will be impossible.
So you have to reformulate your life.
Harmony is unthinkable.
Links are utopic.
Joy is a vision.
But only with them, you will live
a human relation.
Make your mind up.