75282 - At the end of the day

N. Lygeros

Each moment has its meaning.
But this doesn’t mean that it’s meaningful
at the end of the day.
That’s why you have to create events.
Only them can build history.
Each word you use in a sentence is a part of  it at the end.
So think about the end before  the first word.
The day should be incompressible,
each part of it should be an event.
Like each sentence of a text.
And imagine if this text is sacred.
There is no deal.
Only duty.
When you save a life
you understand it.
But do you realise
when a soul is saved?
Or do you need some explanations?
What is more important for you
to explain a miracle
or to contribute to its existence?
Make your choice.
It will be the first event of the day.