75554 - Mankind’s position

Ν. Lygeros

Many people avoid considering Mankind’s position. They prefer to say that everything is possible and that we should not put any restriction. They want to be considered as open minded guys. But the reality is desperately different. The same people with their compromises are used by the totalitarian systems to create frictions, in the sense of Clausewitz, inside the structures of freedom and also to the hyperstructure of Mankind. They are used and abused in their sweet dreams. And the reason is simple. They are looking only at societies. For them the notion of society is the upper limit. They can’t see how relevant are the civilizations in the framework of Mankind. They are looking for something but they get nothing. They are looking for peace and they contribute to war. At the end of the process, they are only political muppets which are very dangerous for democracies because they are doing the job of the totalitarian system. Opposed to all that, we have the position of Mankind in Time. It’s impossible to accept a slavery World because these systems want only this. If you travel the world you will see that nobody needs any soviet systems.