75609 - The love of Mankind

Ν. Lygeros

If you feel the love of Mankind
it’s impossible for you to accept the positions
of the black or red barbarity.
Mankind has the right to be protected from these kinds of attacks.
Totalitarian systems kill without guilt.
You don’t need to be Jesus to understand that.
It’s not a problem of opinion.
Nazism and communism are just killers
in the history of Humanity.
Their contributions were genocides
and ideological wars with no meaning.
The sacrifice of so many innocent people for nothing
is just a detail for those systems.
They don’t care about international opinion.
If they have to kill someone
they will do it
if they are not stopped by Righteous.
In this context, the Rights of Humanity are criteria for people.
Because it’s unacceptable to let them kill people
just for the justification of their positions.
Barbarities never stop by themselves.
We have to do it. It’s our duty.