75633 - Cold warriors

Ν. Lygeros

Against the means of propaganda, we have to be cold warriors even after the end and the fall of the Soviet Union. Because the Soviet dreams are still here. They always use the same techniques i.e. victimization. Because it’s hard to unmake the Cold War. Russia believed that there were no more cold warriors in the USA. It was an error. And they are also in Europe. That’s why the invasion in Ukraine wasn’t a success for Russia. Such a strategic error is impressive at this level. Tough systems always think that democracies are too soft. But we can be a soft power which has a robust structure. And we don’t die so easily in Ukraine. This evidence is now a fact that belongs to the world. The cold warriors are not dead and they were the first to inform Europe that the invasion will be the next reality. We have more flexibility in the conflict than the Russian spirit which is always the same, enclaved in an eternal fake present made to construct its fake history but this is a trap. That’s why cold warriors are going to fix the problem.