75649 - Waiting for Russia

Ν. Lygeros

At the start of the invasion in Ukraine,
China accepted even its timing
just after the Olympic games
because its system was waiting for Russia.
The communist party estimated at that time
that Russia was a real superpower.
But after so many months and not only days,
China understood that Russia was in reality
only a normal power, nothing more.
So its projection wasn’t relevant.
By the way, the system as usual considered
that the opposite was so weak
that a simple endgame was sufficient.
Many mistakes had been done by Russia
which due to the propaganda of the Kremlin,
overestimated its own forces.
There was no possible composition
with special forces.
And the weakest point was the infantry.
That’s why bombing was so important.
But it’s another difference with China.
So its theoretical projection was a failure.
And at the end China just wasted time
Nothing more, nothing less.