75652 - The dragons stay alive

Ν. Lygeros

Chinese forces are playing go game with Taiwan. They have essentially encircled Taiwan with their military exercises. It’s a demonstration of their power in a rather direct way. They don’t use only the notion of influence. They consider themselves as a moyo on the goban. And they are thinking that Taiwan is only a question of tsumego.
But dragons stay alive.
Even with the theoretical encirclement this dragon has two eyes.
One is Taiwan and the other is the US.
Many people are looking only
at the strategic ambiguity.
But this policy is known.
Because the US maintains close unofficial ties.
The Americans are bound by law
to provide Taiwan with defensive arms.
Europe knows it.
And China has to avoid
any miscalculation about that.
A little dragon is still a dragon.
A paper tiger is only paper.
That’s why we continue the struggle.