75692 - Music against barbarity

Ν. Lygeros

In slavery states, art is always filled with health and happiness. This motif represents an obsession. Everyone has to be healthy and of course happy. There is no choice. But in Mankind, the situation is totally different. There is diversity. And it is the same in music. Rapidly in the Soviet Union, music became an enemy. The problem was the censorship. It was difficult to forbid it. So the Soviets started to control it, to spoil it, to devise it. They wanted to be in the mind of people as the Big Brother so they decided to entry in the brain of the composers. They did it and their method was effective with many of them but not for all. Some of them were too free and incompatible with the aim of the system. And the war began with them. They were, in the field of music, the warriors of Mankind. They didn’t compose for the system, they continued to create for all the people even in the Cold War. And we have to remember them because they saved people from the health and the happiness of the system. At the beginning the Soviet Union was sure of its victory but the music wins the battle with its classical tradition.