75706 - The deep mind

Ν. Lygeros

We know that it was impossible to know the future
in the Ante Cold War even if people like
Winston Churchill saw it but without sufficient means.
But now in the Post Cold War was it’s unacceptable
to say that we don’t know the past.
It’s impossible to have all the data
for a normal person
but not for a deep mind.
And this one can show the others
the big picture
to avoid mistakes, errors or even crimes.
Because we have to be vigilant.
And not only in our country, in Europe
but in the whole world.
Because the sinews of the polycyclic hyperstructure
of Mankind in Time, are also our duty.
The structure has to be robust.
Gates and bridges need that.
So if you are in contact
with a deep mind use it
to see more future
even in your present.