81478 - Beautiful minds

N. Lygeros

It’s not so obvious
but beautiful minds are exceptions.
They are beautiful because they are rare.
They are minds because they create the world.
Beautiful minds have big inner worlds.
They are think tanks on their own.
They need very few things
from the present reality
to build the next one.
They are living with Time.
This means that they are using
the deep past to create the future.
They work like the Hofstadter function
beyond Fibonacci.
That’s why the world they create
is so strange
for smooth thinkers.
Beautiful minds can’t be censored.
Of course, societies of oblivion
can kill them but not erase them.
Their traces constitute
the path of light
for the evolution of Mankind.
We are not talking only about religions.
We are in the framework of faith
and in this context beautiful minds
are paradigms and not only examples
or even counter examples.