81479 - A new way of thinking

Ν. Λυγερός

It’s easy to be against the method
when you are Feyerabend.
It’s more difficult to be against the dogma
even when you are Jesus Christ.
A new way of thinking can be an error,
most of the times,
but also a mental revolution.
We aren’t talking about mentality
but mentation.
Societies love inertia.
Everything has to be smooth.
And everybody is trying to find an equilibrium.
But they don’t want creation.
There is no question about harmony.
And perfection is forbidden.
It’s like a taboo.
We have many gurus in many fields
but only one Buddha.
We have many prophets in many religions
but only one Jesus Christ.
What is the difference which makes the difference?
It’s not only a reformation
or even a reconstruction
but a refoundation.
And this process needs the past and the future,
the deep past and the deep future
because even faith needs
history and strategy.