81489 - The free discussion

N. Lygeros

How free are we when we talk about complex subjects?
The framework can be free
but this doesn’t imply that we are free in our mind.
You can see a picture or even a movie
but the practice is always different.
The complexity of love is the same relevant problem.
We can talk about the Love of Mankind
but in practice it may be difficult to imagine
even its implications.
You can ask what you want
but are you prepared to have it?
Pay attention to your question
especially when you don’t know
even the shape of the answer.
Because it’s difficult to conceive
the framework of gentleness.
The mental schemata are deep
and may be much too deep for everyone.
So we have to take care of that.
And we have to explain them
and this is a way to master the souls.
There is no relation with societies.
The natural place of the free discussion is always the same.
This is Humanity.
You belong to Mankind or not.
This is not a question of life or death.
Dead, alive and unborn people can do that.
So it’s your choice.