84549 - In the centuries

N. Lygeros

The souls are immortal but it’s difficult for them, to live even a century. They learned how important the one thousand years are and that the centuries are its units. For someone who lives only few decades, it’s unthinkable that this is the truth even if he understands chronostrategy. The gap is so huge that he needs to learn deep history and of course superhistory to realize the complexity of the structure of Time. It’s natural for everyone to see only the linear scale. But this scale is relevant only with his own, not for Time. Its polycyclicity is fundamental. But this is not obvious at the personal scale. You have no time to learn it before the end. That’s why you need someone from the core of Humanity to teach you. This is the way to valorize Time which is always with Humanity. The problem is not only a question to awaken a feeling of the necessity of light because transcendence is needed to approach the essence. Centuries have a sense in harmony. That’s the crucial point.