84551 - Theory of links

N. Lygeros

You can study the book of the relations to prepare yourself to the theory of links. It’s even more important if you want to understand polycyclic hyperstructure of Humanity and how the singularities work in its network. In the universe the most important things are the irreversible moves because they create the world. The liberation of the souls is one of them because there is no return. If this point is clear for you, you know what you have to do. You will discover what you want if you can follow the flow of the faith. The old is after the new.   The one comes from the neo. If you see that you will fight for the faith and you will protect Mankind as a tribute to the Time. But if you see only yourself, sooner or later you will be abused by the barbarity and you will want to destroy the harmony. So choose your side because now you know the difference between freedom and peace, harmony and equilibrium. Choose if you want the link.