84790 - Wake up, wake up

N. Lygeros

– Wake up!
– What happens?
– Wake up and you will see.
– I’m awake now.
– Open your heart.
– Oh, I see. Everything is ready…
– Do you see the light?
– I also see the light house…
– Isn’t it beautiful?
– Yes, indeed. Thanks for all.
– My pleasure.
– Is it the second step?
– Exactly, he was waiting for you.
– For me… So I deserve it…
– Of course you do.
– We have the same vision.
– Twice.
– I can see it. This duration is incredible.
– And at the same time natural.
– As an exception.
– It’s not only a view…
– It’s a real spectacle.
– As a continuity.
– This is polycyclicity.