84800 - Our hearts

N. Lygeros

– We face everything together.
– Because he’s always here.
– Next to us, in front of us.
– To show the paradigm.
– And at the same time is able…
– You mean to create a show…
– Yes, exactly.
– For everybody to learn something is always tough and difficult.
– But with him everything is possible.
– And everything becomes natural.
– Even for the souls.
– This is supranatural.
– And the most incredible is that we can feel it.
– Each drop of light.
– Each piece of essence.
– It’s just a question to want it.
– And there is no question about this.
– It’s true!
– How beautiful the faith is!
– When you discover the enlightenment.
– And the second one.
– Perfection!