84803 - Essential questions

N. Lygeros

– Do you remember the first step of our creation?
– Every step!
– We saw firstly the light.
– Always.
– And after the essence.
– Yes, of course, what else?
– The continuity.
– But we need only the complementarity.
– We have an idea with the candle.
– It’s a part of it.
– But it’s very relevant.
– I see what you mean.
– So, maybe it’s time to see the next step.
– After the candle and the book…
– The other statue.
– The complementarity.
– How did you get it?
– It was like an illumination…
– After the iconic view?
– Exactly.
– And it isn’t only a projection.
– It’s the memory of future.
– Time needs Mankind.
– And it’s time to give it.
– Our gift.