84941 - Without help

N. Lygeros

– He said don’t wait for help.
– He meant from the others.
– Yes, we have to do everything on our own.
– But he will be with us.
– He is always with us.
– I know…
– So there is no question about it.
– The problem with the others has been fixed.
– They will not help even themselves.
– But how slavery can be so attractive?
– For them, it’s just a normal situation.
– And they don’t have to think about anything else.
– The change is risky for them.
– Only because it’s unknown.
– This unknown should be attractive as it’s always better than their slavery.
– The problem is that slavery is their nature.
– They don’t know anything else.
– That’s why faith is necessary.
–  And it’s enough powerful to do the needed achievement.