85426 - On the Chinese Gung Fu

N. Lygeros

Chinese Gung Fu is for Bruce Lee.
The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense.
This book is available at the Library of Congress as it was manufactured in the United States.
The first fact to mention is that all drawings are made by Bruce Lee himself.
He gives at the beginning several important pointers.
1. Every movement has a flowing continuity without any dislocation.
This is the reason why his techniques are faster than the ordinary method.
2. It is a mind exercise. That’s why the combination of mind and body is especially important in the higher stage.
3. The target is the cooperation with the opponent.
It’s a way to help him to destroy himself.
Our behavior depends on the opponent.
4. The importance of waist is emphasized.
5. It is better to learn how to endure than to learn how to fight.
Ten basic gung fu stances:
1. Ma Bo, 2. Gung Bo, 3. Ding Bo
4. Hui Bo, 5. Chung Sik, 6. Chuat Sing,
7. Lau Ma, 8. Kuai Ma, 9. Tou Bo
and 10. Tu Ma.