86102 - Transcription: China is attacking the US in a communication war

N. Lygeros

Right now we can see that there is a real war in the field of communication between China and the US. The idea of China is to use spamouflage, not only camouflage and to distort the information to have a network of disinformation in other to harass all the people and the politicians and of course the journalists  in America. So we have to take care about that, we have to think how to resist to this kind of propaganda because China is now in an extensive phase. It wants the control not only of the area  of Asia, not only of the Middle East but also to have an impact inside the US and also of course in European Union. The idea is to have at least two levels. We have an official level which is more or less diplomatic but the substrate and the strategic level is quite different and it’s very offensive. We have to resist to  both of the levels because if we don’t do that, China will win the war of communication. And it’s very important because it has a very big impact on the population and we have to keep this in mind if we want to have an efficient resistance but also an efficient counterattack.