14989 - The foundations of the future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– What is the goal?
– None. we have only a purpose .
– And what is it?
– Innovation.
– Why?
– Because it is necessary for Greece.
– And the zeolite?
– A platform of applications on a multiple level.
– With a Greek production.
– Exactly ,because its a strategic asset.
– With spectacular properties.
– Which constitute the tools for the creation of an added value.
– A creativity context.
– For the phase change.
– While its helping our people.
– And on multiple levels.
– That is how it is a source for innovation.
– As zeolado.
– And the Exclusive Economic Zone;
– The necessary ingredient.
– For what reason?
– For the future of our country.
– As a development?
– As a recovery.
– So it is an innovation?
– One of the most important ones.
– Because it is a basic one ?
– Because it is fundamental one.
– Its based on the sea.
– And in Justice.
– From the elements of Hellenism?
– Innovation is not against tradition.
– It continues it.
– As an amalgam of Time.
– In order to become timeless.
– The only thing that makes sense.
– For the Greeks.
– And for Humanity.