20938 - ENI’s platform and reflexive reactions

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

While for so long they’ve been trying to tell us that everything is just right, as far as the negotiations are concerned, we discover that, once the slightest thing occurs, which indeed is completely normal and legitimate, we immediately observe reflexive reactions.
So what are these strange data?
Simply, the existence of ENI’s platform, Saipem 10000 in the Egyptian EEZ, which is on the verge of the Cypriot EEZ.
As we’ve already wrote, ENI follows its drilling program as normal, and is preparing for her second Egyptian drilling.
More practically, ENI has not yet returned in order to continue her program in Cyprus, though, merely the idea of her return bothers the occupied teritories.
And suddenly the good climate is set at risk.
But why?
ENI is engaging in acts, which are legal, both in the Egyptian and the Cypriot EEZ’s.
It has research contracts with both countries.
Simply of late, we are discovering that in the negotiations level, a strange pledge may have been given, which around about claims that the researches in the EEZ would not proceed.
We all know of course, that this pledge could not have been given by the Government of Cyprus, since we all know that the Cypriot EEZ, is amongs the more dynamic elements that Cyprus has at her disposal, and even more so, it’s a tool for her liberation.
Therefore, we see that the occupied teritories are disturbed merely by a possible activity in the EEZ and they even consider it an injustice.
All this context is of course ridiculous, because Cyprus has sovereign rights and the EEZ belongs to them.
We simply are seeing clearly now, how delicate the balances are, while they were giving us the impression that there is a positive approach in existence.
This impression is erased and over, and now, we can return to the bare fact of the situation.