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The Athens Rally is now historic as well

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Nobody expected that the Thessaloniki Rally would be historic but yet again it now belongs to Hellenism’s history, however what’s most important is that it pointed out the path for the next. And so the Greek nation came to Athens as well in order to bring out a historic cry. Without been fearful of the extremists who don’t even know the notion of history because they think that it’s dead, nor of the anti-establishment activists who are only able to attack Mikis house. Because all this nation came united to put across its official position democratically, straightforwardly and in a christian manner. Nobody took a step back under the enormous Greek flag at the Syntagma Square, where all of us resisted the propaganda of defeatism and misery. Nobody can make us kneel down if we don’t want to do so. Nobody is pressuring us, neither NATO nor the European Union. The ideology of the void itself, assumed that we would accept the unacceptable. It may be that Skopje have lived for decades within a cultural voidance and some type of propaganda so that they may all be identical without the right to differ, but it is not because they have no identity for decades that they should get ours. Let them find their way through with the minorities of Albanian and Bulgarian origin so that they finally have a name which is acceptable to all. Because it is their own stubbornness which prevents them from doing so. However, the Athens Rally pointed out that we will not set a step back as much as they bang their heads against the wall.